Hey, welcome!

I usually post about technical topics, most commonly about cyber security. Sometimes I’ll post about other stuff. Who knows? It’s a surprise. How exciting!

I occasionally toot about vague topics on @aidan@bladerunner.social and will approve legit follow requests - have yourself a profile pic, an #intro, and don’t be on some sketch instance. I don’t maintain a presence on any other social media sites, very much by design.

You can email me at the domain you’re currently visiting, using aidan as the recipient - I’m avoiding catching unnecessary spam by not just typing up the email. If you’d like to encrypt your email for me, you can use my public key.

I also write code infrequently, mostly as utilities for my job. I push the code to my self-hosted Gitea instance when I’m convinced they’re useful to some degree and might be helpful to others.